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  • 20 seconds – the difference between life and death

    October 14th, 2016

    Yesterday marked my first month of working for Practical Action. I’m amazed at how engaged with the projects I feel and how excited I am to be a part of such an interesting organisation after such a short amount of time! So what better way to celebrate than by writing my first blog?!

    Intrigued by the buzz around the office about the upcoming campaign, I decided to do a bit of reading around indoor smoke inhalation. One thing that really stood out to me was the strong sense of urgency this particular topic conveys – the clock is ticking and every second matters.



    A Nepalese woman and her child cooking on a traditional stove.

    20 seconds.

    What could you do in this time? Put the kettle on? Send a text message? Or save a life?

    “Every 20 seconds a life is lost because a mother like Nafisa has no choice but to cook her family meal on an open fire.”

    Indoor smoke caused by cooking on biomass fuels leads to the deaths of over 4.3 million women, children and men worldwide each year.

    Over 95% of households in Darfur use firewood and charcoal to cook on traditional stoves. In a place where much of the surrounding land is desert, the search for useable firewood is time consuming and dangerous. Mothers like Nafisa have no choice but to waste precious hours that could be used to earn an income, risking their lives to collect the firewood they desperately need to be able to feed their children.

    But the struggle does not end there for Nafisa. She then has to make the impossible choice to cook the family meal on a stove that billows thick black smoke – smoke that fills her home and gets inside her children’s lungs. She knows that this is slowly poisoning them, but what else can she do?



    Training women in Darfur, Sudan to use LPG gas for cooking.

    For over 10 years, Practical Action has been working to find and offer clean energy cooking solutions to families living in harsh environments like Darfur. These improved fuel efficient technologies keep families safe and reduce the environmental impact of cooking on biomass fuels. Over the next 10 years we have estimated that this project will save over 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Today, you could be part of the solution and help thousands of people across the world. It costs just £112 to buy a stove that could save lives – a stove that would change the life of a family in Sudan forever.


    With a simple, liquid paraffin gas stove, mothers could cook their daily meal without using firewood or charcoal, which will reduce key pollutants in the environment by over 95%.

    So why not make your next 20 seconds count? Make a donation to Practical Action now and help us to stop the killer in the kitchen.

    20 seconds.

    What will you do?



    Click here to find out more about Nafisa’s story.


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