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Emily has just moved to the UK from America and is working as an intern in the communications department at Practical Action.

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  • Giving Tuesday – bringing back the meaning of the season

    November 26th, 2012

    While my fellow Americans woke up early and fought long lines for big sales on what has aptly been named Black Friday, I was happily working away in the Communications office here at Practical Action.

    Back in America, the holiday season officially started on Thursday with Thanksgiving. Immediately after Thanksgiving, chaos ensued at retail stores across America, as people pushed their way through crowds in pursuit of big savings on Black Friday. This is a day when most major retailers open extremely early and offer promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season.

    Following the big in-store sales is Cyber Monday, taking place today. It’s a day for huge online shopping sales.

    While I’m upset to have missed Thanksgiving, I can’t say that I miss the chaotic aftermath. It seems the true meaning of the holiday season has been lost.

    Enter #GivingTuesday – a national campaign to brand the Tuesday after the holiday as an annual day of giving. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofits.

    Over 1,000 businesses and NGO’s including big businesses like Mashable and Sony have signed up to the campaign. It’s sweeping the nation in America as a popular social media phenomenon, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t go international. I’m happy to be working for a charity who wants to bring the UK in on it.

    At Practical Action, our Practical Presents are the creative gift ideas that people can buy for people in the developing world. They range from fluffy ducks that help people in Bangladesh earn an income to clean water taps that give a lifeline to people in Zimbabwe. You can donate the money to have one of these gifts sent to developing countries as a gift to someone in your life.

    This #GivingTuesday I hope you will join in with us online and give a gift to someone in your life that will help the lives of people all over the world. Let’s remember what the holiday season is meant to be about!

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  • Showing that Green is Working

    October 19th, 2012

    Yesterday we had the unique opportunity of representing Practical Action in a political stunt organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition. To capture the attention of the UK government we gathered with 250 people from various eco-minded organisations outside the Treasury in London to recreate the famous “Labour isn’t working” poster from 1979. The aim of the campaign was to show key politicians that the green economy is working with one third of economic growth coming from the it.

    The twist on the campaign was that “Green is working”. Everyone involved wore green hard hats and spread this message through social media and twitter using the hash tag #greenisworking. This created wide scale impact and helped the stunt to trend in the top 3 twitter conversations yesterday. The event even brought out celebrity dragon Deborah Meaden, who joined the queue, stuck on a hard hat and showed her support toward a more green economy.

    Green is Working

    It was great to collaborate with a number of individuals and organisations who share the same environmental views and value the prevention of climate change to the extent that we do. By supporting a green economy in the UK, the impact of climate change can be reduced here and also benefit poor communities around the world. This is especially important for Practical Action’s work since climate change is a cross-cutting theme through our four main areas of focus, energy, water and sanitation, food and agriculture and especially disaster risk reduction.

    As interns and first time campaigners, the experience opened our ideas to scope of support for green initiatives and we were thrilled to be the voice of Practical Action. We can only hope that it will influence politicians as much as the original influenced the public back in 1979.

    Right now it’s so important to keep the “green is working” message current and on politician’s minds. Help us by spreading this message and tweeting with us (@PracticalAction), using the hash tag #greenisworking.

    Emily & Nick

    See what Helen Taylor from Ecotricity and others taking part in the stunt had to say…

    Click here to read the Guardian’s article on the stunt.

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