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  • Influencing agencies to adopt best practices

    December 12th, 2013

    Practical Action is implementing a food security and livelihoods project in the Blue Nile area of Sudan,  funded by the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF).

    Last September the CHF team visted our programme in the Blue Nile state to monitor the performance of the partners and strengthen relationships among the Food Security & Livelihoods actors in the region.  The CHF team held meetings with partners, followed by a field visit to Amaragrash, one of our targeted villages. Discussions were held with communities on the interventions and the way they are managing it.

    PICT0071The CHF mission’s report identified Practical Action as the best organization at delivering sustainable interventions and highlighted goat restocking as best practice.  Some practitioners such as Mercy Corps-Scotland (MCS) and FPOD (a local NGO)  approached us to learn about Practical Action’s approach to restocking.

    The CHF team advised Mercy Corps to conduct a workshop to explore Practical Action’s experience and their sustainable approach to livelihoods.   This workshop was attended by representatives of Mercy Corps, FPOD, CHF, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO),  Labena (our national partner) and Practical Action staff from Khartoum and Blue Nile. A good presentation about Practical Action’s work in Sudan focused on restocking activities under this food security CHF funded project.

    Discussions were held about goats restocking practice and the audience engaged with and understood the approach. Recommendations were made to adopt the approach in their work.  In addition FAO/FSL adopted the contract made by Practical Action with the  beneficiaries of the goat programme. This contract will become standard for all FAO partners working in food security.

    Practical Action Blue Nile communicated our best practice which will lead to changes in the practices of other development actors.  FAO’s adoption of our approach to restocking will be used by all partners and we expect to be nominated by FAO as a leading agency in Food Security and Livelihoods, demonstrating significant impact at scale.

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