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  • Small things make a big difference

    March 12th, 2015

    Women’s economic empowerment is essential for poverty reduction and improves the quality of life for women, men and their families.  Small things can be great for making a difference and bringing happiness to a family.

    nawal with decorated basketsPractical Action’s team in Blue Nile state realized the importance and the meaning of women empowerment by implementing a project in 2014 that focuses on empowering youths, women and men to help them to learn a specialty that will enable them to become an expert in a specific field.  This will help them to generate an income and become economically independent in a sustainable way.

    Nawal Idrees Daoud, a 37 year old woman from Alkurmuck lives in Elnasr Sharg one of Aldamazine’s poor districts and was trained in handicraft skills. She has managed to bring happiness to her three daughters. Nawal, who married early, learned to make designs on decorative waste baskets.  Before the training she was challenged by to provide university fees for her two elder daughters and high secondary school final exams for her youngest daughter. nawal1 During the school holidays she trained her daughters so that they could increase their production and sold 20 baskets for 30 SDG (£3.50) and earned 600SDG (£70) in the two weeks before Eid .

    Nawal said that “she can’t express her happiness at earning her own money for the first time” she also mentioned that “simple skills can help families to overcome problems. I feel so happy and so strong and self-confident when I have my own money. I feel like I have the whole world specially when I got my own sustainable income it’s the first time I have new sandals not borrowed ones.”

    Nawal believes it is possible for women to make it happen.

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