Biodiverse agriculture for a changing climate

Climate change will bring enormous and unpredictable changes to agriculture which will affect global food supplies and disproportionately impact on the poor. Emissions of greenhouse gases from agriculture, largely from intensive systems, contribute significantly to global warming.

This paper, a summary of some issues in Understanding Climate Change Adaptation, explores biodiverse agriculture as a realistic and proven alternative to industrial methods of production. Practised by millions of small-scale food producers and organic growers, biodiverse agriculture can limit and adjust to climate change while replenishing the natural resources on which food production depends.

Download full paper, Biodiverse agriculture for a changing climate (PDF, 334k)
Download summary paper, Biodiverse agriculture for a changing climate (PDF, 329k)
(prepared in collaboration with Barbara Dinham, Director, Pesticide Action Network UK 2000-2006)

Hunger and Climate Change: some practical answers 7 April 2009, London
In this event, hosted by Practical Action, panellists including Professor Bob Watson, Patrick Holden and Saleemul Huq discussed the new policies and technologies for agriculture that will be needed to cope with climate change. Presentations and audio files are now online.

Climate change documents
Practical Action policy briefings and background papers on climate change adaptation.

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