Gravity Goods Ropeway in Bhutan

Gravity Goods Ropeway in Bhutan

Client: Tarayana Foundation

Country: Bhutan

Dates: February 2013 – January 2014

Lead office: PAC South Asia

Description of Project:

In Bhutan, the challenge remains for those areas that are not accessible or are not connected by road and most of the times the production of which are limited to the time required to be spent on transportation of goods rather than on cultivation. Accessibility is “The defining development issue in Bhutan is access to opportunity, enterprise, markets, or services”.  Therefore emphasis has to be laid on linking difficult and inaccessible mountain/hilly regions to motor roads through the development of infrastructure such as rural roads, gravity ropeways etc. More often than not, access to road opens up market opportunities for increased production. Practical Action Nepal commenced its transport programme in 1998. It improved and promoted innovation transportation systems such as cable river crossings known as Improved Tuin, Gravity Goods Ropeways for hilly and mountainous regions and bicycle ambulance/trailer for the Terai region. The transport programme seeks to develop, adapt and replicate affordable, accessible and appropriate modes of transport, which directly contributes to the improvement of livelihoods of marginal villagers.

Work carried out by PAC team:

Practical Action Consulting Asia is providing technical support to Tarayana Foundation for the Installation of a Gravity Goods Ropeway (GGR) in Bhutan. It also provides support to train the staff to build the capacity to serve the community on the installation, operation and maintenance of the GGR.
PAC is providing the following services:
• Carry out pre-feasibility study in the potential GGR sites identified.
• Run detailed survey in one of the most appropriate GGR sites identified from the pre-feasibility study and prepare a detail feasibility report.
•  Provide technical support for the installation of a GGR at the identified site. The technical support will include site layout, support during procurement of construction materials and site   supervision during critical construction periods.
• Capacity building of the GGR users and the staff of Client on installation and operation and maintenance of GGR.

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