Betty has beaten poverty and hunger - for good

Betty is a 53 year-old farmer living in Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

Because of climate change, devastating droughts and flooding have become more frequent in the region. As a result, Betty struggled to grow enough food to feed herself and her family. 

Betty, like so many others in the community, suffered from sleepless nights wondering how to feed her children.

But that's all in the past. 

Now, Betty's garden is producing a bountiful harvest. Her family are well fed and she even sells surplus food to others in her community.

All thanks to a clever approach.   

Your gift and our clever approach can help farmers like Betty beat poverty

We can help farmers just like Betty beat poverty

A clever combination of inexpensive solutions have helped Betty beat poverty.

We've worked with Betty to help her access the best seeds for the land and climate. With the newly installed solar powered water pumps, she is now able to irrigate her land to make sure her crops thrive whatever the weather. She has also received training on technical knowledge and business skills she needs to make a success of her farming business.

"I now make my own money. I used to rely on my husband but now I can afford to take care of the family on my own."

This ingenious combination of small changes come together to bring about an enormous and lasting change. Helping families to increase their income and beat hunger for good.

With your support, we can help farmers just like Betty escape poverty. So that women like Betty can stand on their own two feet and never have to worry about how to feed their families again. 

Do something wonderful today and help make an enormous and lasting change in rural Zimbabwe.

£45 pounds can double the harvest and end hunger and poverty for good. Please give what you can.


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