Betty's new entrepreneurial spirit

Betty Ncube lives in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. Three years of devastating droughts and flooding have caused a lot of damage in this region. As a result, Betty used to struggle to grow enough food on her farm to feed herself and her family. Her days were spent looking for casual work and she had to borrow money from her neighbours. She was constantly worried about where the next meal would come from and how she would feed her children.

Now, Betty’s solar garden is producing a bountiful harvest. Her family are well fed and she’s even able to sell surplus food to others in her community. Her hard work is finally paying off and she has peace of mind, knowing that her family won’t go hungry.

“As a mother and woman, I feel empowered, my life has become so much easier. I now spend most of my time in the garden, it has become my source of livelihood. I am now finally secure. In my village I'm now well known for selling vegetables, people are always calling giving me orders”.

We supported Betty by giving her access to the best seeds for the land and climate. She’s able to irrigate her land better using the solar powered water pumps we’ve installed. We helped her to learn the technical knowledge and business skills she needed to make a success of her farming business.

The project has transformed the lives of everyone in Betty’s family. As well as being physically healthier, her children are now able to concentrate better at school. Free from the constant gnaw of hunger, they can get a proper education and look forward to a better future.

“We are living well. My children are now healthy and high on nutrition. They can now afford to eat carrots and I'm able to support them with their school needs”.

Betty has plans to extend the solar garden. She’s excited about the possibility of growing more profitable crops, such as maize, and selling these to local schools and supermarkets. At last, she has financial independence and a place of respect and dignity among her peers. She’s even found the confidence to join a savings and lending group, allowing her to invest in her future.

Our projects in rural Zimbabwe are transforming lives. With your support we can do even more.

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