Early Warning System in Amu River Basin in Afghanistan

Technical Assistance to DIPECHO 7 Early Warning System in Amu River Basin in Afghanistan

Client: Action Aid, Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan

Dates: June 2013- August 2014

Lead office:  PAC

Description of Project:

On March 2013, Practical Action Consulting has signed MoU with Action Aid Afghanistan (AAA) towards establishing technical partnership with us for the required technical support and services to establish early warning system along Amu River as a part of the DIPECHO VII project titled “Amu River Early Warning System”. The project period is till August, 2014.
The principle objective of the project is to contribute to national risk reduction mechanism in Afghanistan by piloting a community based river basin early warning system (CBEWS). The specific objective is to reduce disaster risks of vulnerable communities in tow provinces of Northern Afghanistan through establishing CBEWS. The project areas are Khamab and Qarquin districts in Jawzjan province and Kaldar and Shortepa districts in Balkh province.

Work carried out by PAC team:
PAC is supporting technically to AAA and Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) a government agency where PAC will be engaged to influence at policy level to take up and sustain EWS system in establishing CBEWS and small scale mitigation work such as bio-dykes. Along with this required capacity building trainings, orientation on CBEWS at national, province, district and village level, support to EWS center at ANDMA, development of IEC materials (hoarding board, EWS calendar etc) to sensitize communities, installation of flood gauge in appropriate upstream and downstream sites and initiated bio-dykes construction on vulnerable location identified along the Amu River Basin. This assignment is the replication of Nepal experiences on establishing CBEWS to Afghanistan.

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