Please join our #adaptnow campaign to help make a difference to millions of people's lives in Bangladesh

The problem

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is also the country most affected by climate change. At any one time, up to half of the country can be flooded.

In January 2012, the UK government highlighted flooding as the biggest climate change risk to the UK, just like Bangladesh.

Climate change is happening now.

In the UK, we have the capacity to cope. Millions of people facing the effects of climate change in Bangladesh don’t. Let’s give them a fighting chance of adapting to a future where the effects of climate change are inevitable.

@DECCgovuk Did you know Westminster could be under water by 2100? As could Bangladesh. #adaptnow #COP18

@DECCgovuk Please ensure climate change adaptation is central to @UN_ClimateTalks #adaptnow #COP18

@DECCgovuk People in Bangladesh are living with climate change now. Put adaptation at the top of your agenda. #adaptnow #COP18

@DECCgovuk Currently, less than 10% of climate finance is spent on adaptation – we want this to increase to 50%. #adaptnow #COP18

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By 2100 ...

... over 50 tube stations in London could be underwater ... and so could the entire city of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

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