Turn the tables on climate change

You can help poor communities turn deserts into green, and disaster into hope

North Darfur is one of the most drought prone areas of Sudan. In recent times, climate change has worsened the cycle of prolonged droughts and flash flooding. Growing crops and raising animals has never been tougher. An influx of people once displaced by conflict, now moving back to villages has also meant more trees lost to firewood and more land turned to desert.

This environmental degradation means less food produced, higher food prices and greater competition for both land and water. Poorer quality soil has led to farmers cultivating bigger and bigger plots of land in order to produce the same amount. This leads to new conflict with pastoralists, who find their traditional pasture lands under threat.

Unless we act immediately communities will be forced to leave their villages for the second time in a decade, meaning families lose their homes, their crops and their livelihoods.

Your gift will help the communities Practical Action work with globally to turn the tables on climate change.


It could help to:


  • Improve people’s ability to predict and withstand climate related disasters

  • Make farming work for people and the planet

  • Leverage renewable energy to power livelihoods

  • Share our proven solutions with other development groups

  • Advise governments and the global climate policy agenda