Wind training for manufacturers

A training programme for Sri Lankan and Nepalese Small Wind Turbine manufacturers is being held at Dodangoda and Hambantota, in Sri Lanka from November 29th to December 5th 2004. The training programme is organised by ITDGPractical Action-South Asia.

This programme is focused on a newly designed small Wind-Solar Hybrid System and the testing of it. The technology of 150W/24W small Wind-Solar Hybrid System is transferred during this programme.

The design for the Wind Energy System was developed to meet the basic domestic energy needs of communities in the off-grid areas. These systems are capable of being fabricated in small workshops, using available material. The training workshop is conducted by Mr. Sunith Fernando, the designer who is also attached to the Resource Management Associates. The SARI/Winrock International has extended their support to ITDGPractical Action-South Asia, Indian Wind Energy Association and ITDGPractical Action Nepal for this Regional workshop.
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