Water and sanitation

More than one billion people worldwide can’t get the safe, clean water they need. Lack of access to adequate water supplies means people’s lives are at risk. Drinking, washing, cooking, growing crops and rearing livestock all require water.

Water and sanitation solutions


Urban water and waste projects

Current and recent projects to improve access to drinking water, sanitation and waste services for the urban poor.

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Faecal sludge management in Bangladesh

Practical Action has won a prestigious innovation award from the International Water Association for our work on ‘faecal sludge management’ in Bangladesh.

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Latest blogs from our water and sanitation projects

Talking about shit

Shit - It’s a problem: I love my toilet and on days when I have a bad tummy I love it even mor...
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So what exactly is Technology Justice?

If you work in the development sector, the term may be familiar and you may well know the answer....
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Communities live with dignity after ODF declaration

It sounds simple to people who have access to basic sanitation facilities. But a technology as si...
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A step towards a JUST world

A proper toilet, water supply and electricity – these are some basic necessities of our lives. Wh...
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Urban WASH resilience - What we've been up to this week

[caption align="alignleft" width="210"] An improved latrine, but is it resilient to flooding?[/ca...
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Moments with Bima and her Happy Child Club!!

Having received an opportunity to contribute towards the upliftment of informal sector is somethi...
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WEDC International Conference 1-5 July 2013, Nakuru, Kenya

Practical Action provided support to this conference, which looked at delivering water, sanitation and hygiene services in an uncertain environment.

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