Transport and Infrastructure

Intermediate Means of Transport or IMTs are transport devices that come between walking and conventional motor vehicles and help people to move loads or use animals more effectively for load carrying. These technologies include cycle trailers, improved bicycles for load carrying, ox and donkey carts, handcarts, wheelbarrows, improved panniers for animals and other types of animal carts.


Aerial Ropeways and Bridges

These systems have been devised for transporting goods over mountainous terrain. Practical Action promoted them in...

Animal Transport

Carts have many uses and there are many approaches to making low-cost designs.

Bicycles, Bicycle Trailers and Rickshaws

A low-cost and widely used from of transport that can be adapted to the users requirements.

Human-powered Carrying Devices

This topic covers devices such as wheelbarrows which help people move heavy loads.

Roads, Paths and Tracks

Transport infrastructure is important to the prosperity of rural communities and communities can play a part in...

Water Transport

This includes transport for inland waterways and sea going vessels. Small boats are mainly used for transport and...

General Resources

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Alternative Transport in Nepal

  • video
  • English

The rugged topography combined with highly challenging hydro-gelogical conditions has made conventional transport...

Published by Practical Action Nepal on 04/16/14


Wheel Jig

  • technical drawing
  • English

This is a simple jig for making basic wheels.

Kamal Khalifa, Published by Practical Action Sudan on 01/01/08


Wheel Manufacturing Technology for Rural Workshops

  • fact sheet
  • English

A small-scale approach to making wheels using a jig.

Ron Dennis, Published by Appropriate Technology Journal on 01/01/90

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