Technical Enquiry Service

The Technical Enquiry Service aims to help individuals and organisations in developing countries supplying technical support for their projects and initiatives. We always try to supply information of direct relevance to the individual enquiry and will take into account the non-technical factors that might have a bearing on the use of the technology.

This can only be done, however, if full details of the particular technology application are given, so please ensure you fill in all the relevant fields on the enquiry form as fully as possible. 

To make an enquiry please visit our online enquiry form

Alternatively you can contact us through one of the Practical Action offices.

To understand the use of the service, have a look at some of the recent enquiries made to Practical Action:

In Pakistan there is fashion of old style Bull Trench Kiln type Bricks Kiln without adopting any pollution control mechanism. Almost all kilns have been constructed before proper legislation and implementation. So I kindly request a guide to control the air pollution caused by hazadous emissions of fly ashes and black dense clouds of smoke.

Issue: Business plan on commercial egg production and piggery breeding.

As a matter of fact I am looking at 6,000 to 9,000 capacity of laying chicks. This will also require about 1 ton Feed mill Mixer, to target a total pig head of 500 to 1,000 capacity on both Farrowing Pen and Fattening Pen. I consider this size the lower end of large scale production.

I will be the project director and owner. I am engaging some Agricultural Extension Services Officers and Veterinary Doctor to join me in the business. I kindly request some advice and guidance to develop the business plan for my enterprise.

Please note: Although the Technical Enquiry Service is free, it is not designed for commercial organisations, students, academic institutions and organisations working in the European Community, North America or other developed nations. However, we are willing to undertake research consultancy work but it is necessary to charge for this service. For Practical Action Consulting go to

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