Hold an OrangeAid Day, dress in orange and do orangey stuff. Brighten up your day and brighten up someone else's life.

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OrangeAid is Practical Action's Fundraising Day when everyone dresses in orange and does orangey things!

We suggest that everyone who takes part donates £1


There are so many reasons why you should – not just because it’s great fun, but you will be making a difference to real people’s lives.

People like 8 year old Dilmaya who was working on rubbish tips with her parents instead of going to school before Practical Action started working with her. Working in unspeakable conditions surrounded by flies and foul smelling waste; there are huge risks to their health such as injury and disease...

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Please get in touch to let us know what you are planning, if you’d like further information or how we can help in any way. Thank you for considering to support us in this way.

Tel: 01926 634506