Charity of the Year

A great way to help us is to choose Practical Action as your school's Charity of the Year. This can be a particularly effective way of raising money as when a school chooses a charity of the year it means it focuses all its fundraising efforts on raising money for that charity.

Some schools, for example, concentrate all their main fundraising push into one week, putting on a large number of different events. Other schools spread their fundraising events over the whole year doing a different event every month. If you have chosen Practical Action as your charity of the year let us know so that we make sure your year is a very special year for you and your students.

We can provide you with fundraising materials, films about our work, speakers to visit you and help in engaging the local media, as well as linking with our Education Team. We hope that this makes us your charity of choice!

Please give us a call on 01926 634537 or e-mail with any queries or to request our Schools Pack by post.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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