Practical Action Southern Africa is the regional office of the Group with active projects in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our work

We work in partnership with communities and other development institutions  in all our work, we respect diversity and show great concern for future generations. Specifically, we work with communities helping them choose and use appropriate technologies to improve their lives for today and generations to come.

Our vision is that of a world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used to the benefit of all. We hope to achieve that by helping to eradicate poverty in developing countries through the development and use of technology and by demonstrating results, sharing knowledge and influencing others.

Since 1989, our work in the region and particularly in Zimbabwe has allowed us to build an understanding of the development approaches that work best in the region and this has seen us supporting small producers in a wide range of technologies ranging from food production to manufacturing.

If you would like to support our work, in Southern Africa and around the world, you can donate online.


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Universal access to energy

Our goal is to increase universal energy access through provision of modern energy for cooking, lighting in poor rural areas and advocating for pro-poor energy policies that expand access to people living in slums.

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Sustainable agriculture and livelihoods

We work with small-scale and marginalised producers to help them use technologies to build secure livelihoodsthrough improved systems of production, processing and marketing.

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Urban water, sanitation and waste management

We aim to achieve a clean and healthy environment for all urban and peri-urban residents, using alternative evidence-based sanitation technology and enhancing decentralisation of waste management services.

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Where we work

Our work in southern Africa is focused on Zimbabwe and Malawi, with projects also in Zambia and Mozambique. Our regional office is in Harare.

Practical Answers

Our technical information service offers free downloads of practical information on a range of development topics.

We also have a technical enquiry service where anyone working in poverty reduction, or on small-scale technology projects, can ask a question and receive a response from our local experts free of charge


Practical Action Consulting Southern Africa (PAC SnA) offers high quality and responsive development consultancy services to various clients including governments, international development agencies, NGOs and private sector entities in the southern Africa region, focusing particularly on agriculture and food security.

Case studies

From energy to agriculture, sanitation to podcasting, read about the life-transforming work of our projects in southern Africa.

Case studies archive

Office structure

Practical Action Southern Africa is managed by a Regional Director, Kudzai Marovanidze, and supported by three main thematic areas —Sustainable Agriculture and Livellihoods, Universal Access to Energy, and Urban Water, Sanitation & Waste Management — plus Practical Action Consulting (PAC).

Contact us

Practical Action, 4 Ludlow Road, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe
Postal address: PO Box 1744, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 (4) 776 631, 632, 633 | Fax: +263 (4) 788 157 | Email:

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