The simple, clever fridge that's saving lives.

In Sudan, zeer pots are just what communities need to find a way out of poverty.

Decades of fighting have displaced hundreds of thousands of families. Forced to abandon their land and their livelihoods, they're doing their best to start again. But food is scarce, and in temperatures of over 40°C, anything they are able to grow rots almost straight away.

At Practical Action, we have a clever way to stop the rot.

We're working with communities to make zeer pots - very clever fridges made using clay, water and sand. They consist of two earthenware pots of different sizes, placed one inside the other. The space between is filled with damp sand that's kept moist by adding water, and the smaller pot is filled with food. The top is covered with a damp cloth, then as the water in the sand evaporates towards the outer surface of the larger pot, there's a drop in temperature of several degrees. This keeps the contents of the smaller pot cool.

A zeer pot can keep 10kg of food fresh for up to 20 days.

These simple but ingenious fridges are saving lives and giving families a way to earn a living. Not only do they now have enough fresh food to eat, but they also have enough to sell at local markets, which means they can make enough money for school fees. They can even start their own businesses making and selling zeer pots for their neighbours.

Every day, we hear about more families who are going hungry while their food rots away. But with one very clever piece of technology, that needn't be the case. Please give £25 today and you could give two more families zeer pots, so they don't have to go hungry.

People with Zeerpots

“After many years of struggle, Practical Action showed us how to make pottery refrigerators. They keep our vegetables fresh for 3-4 weeks. Since I learned how to make them our life has been so much better. I can now feed my family all year round.”

Hawa Abbas, a mother from Sudan

Help feed other families in Sudan

Build the fridge that's saving lives

A zeer pot can keep up to 10kg of fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 20 days.

Please give now and:


could help make zeer pots for two families


could help buy three sets of agricultural hand tools


could help pay for 68kg of vegetable seed