Kenyan park fence unveiled

A fence which has been designed to reduce conflict between humans and wildlife and conserve the land has been unveiled in Kenya, it is reported.

The Daily Nation claims the fence was inaugurated by President Kibaki as part of the country's commitment to increasing forest cover over the coming years.

By 2012, it is hoped forest cover will have been increased by two to four per cent, before being expanded to the international standard of ten per cent by 2030.

As part of the efforts, Kenyan land owners are also set to be encouraged to plant new trees on ten per cent of their land.

The chairman of the Rhino Ark Management Committee Colin Church said: "The important thing about this fence is it works both for the community and wildlife. It has ended human wildlife conflict."

Meanwhile, Kenya wildlife service director Julius Kipng'etich said the fence should not be seen as similar to the Berlin Wall.

Recent flooding and heavy rain at a national park in Kenya resulted in tourists having to be evacuated.

Posted by Alice Thacker

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