Practical Action wants to give you the opportunity to share your experience, skills and knowhow with others.

You can see reports of other people’s experiences in Stories of change - the successes, the failures, the learning.

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You can post your own story so that others can learn from your work. Share what you have learnt, especially what worked and what the problems were, whether you succeeded not and what you would do differently if you had a chance to do things again.

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Practical Action wants to get its information on appropriate technologies to as many people as possible in as many countries as possible which means that the information should be in as many languages as possible. You can help in this by translating a technical brief or manual.

If you have already translated any of this material for your own work then let us know about it by emailing If we post it on Practical Answers then it will mean others can use it and you will get to use their translations.

Find out more about this work at Translations.


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Practical Answers is continually trying to improve its website and the content on the site. We appreciate any comments you may have on how useful the information is or if there are subjects that you feel should be included. You can also tell us about how you feel about the site. 

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