Relationship Matrix: a tool to monitor changes in relationships between market actors

The “Relationship Matrix” was developed SDCAsia to assess the changes in relationships between key market actors. It is a largely subjective and qualitative tool and has had very little application.

Practical Action is exploring this tool in conjunction with our participatory approach to market system development which involves a number of processes, including:

• Mapping the market system with market actors
• Workshops with those actors to identify constraints and opportunities
• Interest groups tackle constraints and develop opportunities.

The approach is designed to promote better collaboration and trust between commercial market actors in ways that are mutually beneficial and ultimately will lead to higher and more stable incomes for poor producers.

Practical Action and its partners and stakeholders want to better understand how effective this approach is and to promote learning on different aspects of relationship change within market chains.

We are adapting the Relationship Matrix to use in our projects in different contexts e.g. sub-sectors; geographic areas; market system structures. 

You can find more details and examples in the following links:

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