South Asia - Nepal and India

Practical Action's South Asia office works to improve the livelihoods of the poor and disadvantaged by implementing sustainable development. We aim to achieve this by building technical skills and undertaking the research, application and dissemination of appropriate technologies.


Practical Action is committed to poverty alleviation in Nepal by providing appropriate technology in a sustainable way by bringing sound technical knowledge and global experience to the field of appropriate technology development.

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Odisha, India

The state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) lies on the eastern coast of India. Practical Action has been working in Odisha for several years, and project there are now coordinated from our local office in Odisha, as part of our South Asia office, with its head office in Kathmandu.

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Sri Lanka

Building on over 20 years of experience, Practical Action continues to work on existing projects in Sri Lanka.

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Our work

Practical Action South Asia Regional Office currently works under the strategy period 2012-17 and has regarded "Technology Justice", "Innovation" and "Scale up" as its guiding principles and prioritised working areas mainly into four sectors and two cross cutting sectors realising its comparative advantages in these sectors:

The two cross-cutting sectors are

  • Making markets work for the poor
  • Climate change

Contact us

Practical Action South Asia Office
PO Box 15135,
Narayan Gopal Sadak, Maharajgunj
House no. 2677
Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: +00 977 1 4720 803, 4720 804 and 4720 761
Fax: +00 977 1 4720 402


Technical information service

प्राविधिक ज्ञानका - Practical Answers Nepal

View our Practical Answers technical information service in Nepali

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Recent reports


South Asia (Nepal) annual report 2012-13

Practical Action South Asia office's annual report for 2012-13, focussing on our work in Nepal.

Office structure

Practical Action South Asia office is managed by Achyut Luitel and the office includes heads of programmes as well as the requisite human resources and logistical support necessary for the timely and high quality
implementation of projects which includes:

  • Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance
  • Fundraising and Communications
  • Finance, Administration and Personnel
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