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Soluciones Practicas - Practical Action Latin America

This is an archive page covering completed projects and historic work. For the most recent information on our programmes and projects, please see our main pages on Energy, water and sanitation, Disaster prevention, risk management and climate change adaptation, and Agricultural production and market access.

Practical Action's projects in Latin America have included:

Aim 1: Prevention of disasters and local governability

  • Strengthening of the capacity of rural families to ensure food security, economical and environmental conditions in Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Strengthening disaster responding capacities at community levels in the event of floods in two provinces of San Martin)- Phase II
  • Influencing Educational Policy for Disaster Risk Reduction in Peru
  • Improving Municipal Capacity to increase civil participation and local economic development in rural areas of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Improving the capacity to reduce risks and adapt to climate change in rural areas of Peru
  • Improving the Civic and Social Rights of Native Aguaruna Communities in Alto Mayo
  • Strengthening Emergency Responses and Risk Management Capacities in Indigenous and Settler Communities of the Peruvian Amazon
  • System for monitoring the impact of climate change on peoples livelihoods in Banos del Inca, Cajamarca
  • Strengthening the Capacity of the Partners and Decision Makers of LWR, Lutheran World Relief, Peru-Bolivia
  • Adapt to Climate Change in Canchis, Cusco
  • Local Capacity Building to reduce vulnerability and improve land use planning in Vallegrande-Bolivia
  • Consultation for the Incorporation of Disaster Risk Management in the educational framework
  • Emergency Prevention and Response in the Communities under the Jurisdiction of the Municipalities of Sipe Sipe and Vinto, Bolivia
  • Strengthening Institutional Networks for Risk Management in Peru
  • Practical solutions for the livelihood crisis of indigenous, migrant communities in Moyobamba, Peru
  • Local Governability for climate change adaptation in Huancavelica
  • Strengthening capacities for climate change adaptation in Ancash
  • Immediate Response to the Earthquake of 15 August 2007 in the Ica Region of Peru
  • Reconstruction of houses and infrastructure following the Earthquake of August 2007 in the Department of Ica
  • Improving the risk management skills of the educational community in Ica affected by the August 2007 earthquake

Aim 2: Production and access to markets

Aim 3: Energy, infrastructure and basic services

Aim 4: New technologies

  • Youth, Employment and Information Technology (ENTRA 21 - Jovenes TIC)
  • Nanotechnologies Seminar for Water and Sanitation

For more information on these projects, please visit our Spanish language site, or an English translation (via Google)

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