A Practical Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Technicians

Sizing, installation and maintenance

ISBN 978-185339-659-5

Jean-Paul Louineau

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This book is an essential manual for all technicians working to assist with access to electricity in non-grid rural areas. Produced in a durable paperback edition and heavily illustrated with photos and charts, it helps the technician to assess his or her clients’ needs and translate these into affordable solutions. He or she will be guided through the sizing and installation processes, as well as general maintenance and servicing of solar systems. Clear emphasis is placed on meeting the clients’ needs and training clients to use their systems properly so as to ensure their longevity. The author aims to assist technicians to become serious solar energy entrepreneurs through sound technical and economic advice.

This practical guide has been used in a number of vocational technical schools in Africa and other regions, having been translated into French, Bahassa, Portuguese and Khmer. It is also used by private entrepreneurs in several African countries.


Here are some of the comments that have been received about the French version of the book in current circulation:

"Being in the rural areas in Mali, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Senegal, I visited many solar technicians in rural areas, they all had the French version of the Practical Guide and were using it daily."  

"Several technical schools in West Africa use this practical guide during their electricity lessons and practical classes for teaching their students installation, maintenance and servicing of solar systems."  

"One of our partners in development, URDT in Uganda, uses the practical guide in training community based technicians. Their female solar trainer is very enthusiastic about the Practical Guide."

Willeke Parmentier, ETC Energy/Technical Training Programme

About the author

Jean-Paul Louineau is an experienced solar energy consultant and author. He has conceived several hands-on photovoltaic technical and training tools and has conducted numerous training courses in Africa and France. He is the founder of the consultancy company Alliance Soleil, based in France.

Table of contents

1. Objective
2. Units of measure and basic formulae for electricity and energy
3. Introduction to small solar photovoltaic systems
4. The client: meeting his or her needs
5. Photovoltaic modules
6. Charge regulator
7. Batteries
8. Loads and inverters
9. Choice of cables and electrical protection equipment
10. Quality control and procurement advice
11. Installation of solar systems
12. Maintenance and servicing of small solar systems systems
13. Recurrent recurrent problems and solutions
14. List of necessary tools
15. For further information
16. Glossary
17. Annexes

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