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East Africa annual report 2013-14

Once again, Practical Action Eastern Africa is celebrating the impacts it has made in 2013-14; we are proud to report that our activities have enabled many poor people in the region to use technology to fight poverty.

Eastern Africa annual report 2012-13

This annual report covers Practical Action's work in Eastern Africa for the period 2012-13. It marks the first year of implementation of the new Strategic Plan (2012-17).

Books and reports

Building resilience to drought in the Karamoja cluster of East Africa

Beginning in 2006, and building on the experience and strengths of previous programmes, Practical Action initiated a series of projects aimed at promoting peace and improving drought preparedness a...

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Facing a changing climate in northern Kenya

Practical Action is researching the impacts of climate change on vulnerable pastoralist communities in Mandera and Turkana

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Women in East Africa

Video: Many women in East Africa can't access education, land or credit and are unable to work their way out of poverty. "If you want to make a big change in East Africa, then invest in women," say...

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Sanitation situation in Nakuru

Sanitation situation in Nakuru's low-income areas

Nakuru County is the 4th largest town in Kenya with Nakuru town being the fastest growing town in East Africa at 13% annually. Yet the sanitation coverage in Nakuru is 59% and only 25% of the total area is sewerage covered. Sad but true....more



Nakuru County

Waste Netherlands FDW


Newsletter archive

Historic reports on Practical Action's work in east Africa can be found in the following newsletters:

KIT newsletter
"Kit" was Practical Action East Africa's newsletter, and featured reports on all aspects of Practical Action-EA's work. Each issue is available to read online, or can be downloaded as a full-colour PDF for printing.

PEACE Bulletin
Peace Bulletin was a quarterly publication that served as a reference and bolsters sharing of knowledge and experiences by individuals, CSOs and other bodies working for peace. Five issues are archived online.

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