Solar power in Peru

High in the Peruvian Andes, in a house made of mud and straw, the Quispe family live in single room. In addition to freezing winters and summer droughts, the family contends with a complete lack of sanitation, running water and electricity. this video shows how their lives have changed since electricity came to their home via a solar panel, installed with the help of Practical Action.
In remote villages across Peru, electricity is essential for development. Practical Action is helping to provide alternative energy systems that make electricty easily accessible to people living in difficult environments. A household system powered by the sun can produce enough electricity which to power two lights and a radio. As you will hear in the video, a small system like this can make a huge difference to a family's life and the potential for development is huge. 

In a survey carried out by Practical Action, it was found that in nine villages provided with access to electricity, 216 businesses had either been started or had grown. People now have the opportunity to improve and adapt their livelihoods and even increase their income as a result of electricity being provided to their village.

Families like Fransisco Quispe's (who you can see in the video above) are likely to use the electricity to improve their everyday lives and increase the income they can generate from traditional trades. For example, access to electricty will enable families to shear alpacas and spin their wool mechanically - saving a lot of time and energy.

£38 could provide a solar panel system for a family like the Quispe's.

Video: click on the video player to view a short video and find out how the brilliant system works.

If you would like to read a first-hand account of our work in Peru and the impact technologies like these have on people's lives, click here.

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