The work undertaken by Practical Action Sudan is to achieve the organisation’s vision of "a sustainable world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used for the benefit of all". Practical Action Sudan is using technology in innovative interventions and putting the organisation’s mission into practice by translating it into a development approach to reach Sudan’s visionA sustainable community managed development. 

Our work

Practical Action Sudan is currently operating in three geographical areas, in Kassala State, North Darfur State, Blue Nile State.

Practical Action Sudan’s work is structured under three organizational themes:

With four cross-cutting themes run across the existing programmes:

  • Access to market
  • Climate change
  • Civil society
  • Gender

As Knowledge Broker we offer technical information services through:

  • Practical Answers

Particular attention is paid to disadvantaged sections of the community such as poor families, households headed by women, the disabled or other marginalised groups. Practical Action Sudan works closely with beneficiary communities and applies a participatory methodology in assessing peoples' needs, monitoring progress and impact and developing and transferring technologies.


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Information on our projects can be found in SHARING, the newsletter of Practical Action Sudan. Each issue features news and reports on our work.

Office structure

The main Khartoum office manages three field offices, Kassala (east), El Fashir (west) and Blue Nile.

The Country Director, Muna Eltahir, is stationed in the Khartoum head office where she is supported by a Programme Leader -Agriculture & DRR, Impact & Practice Manager, Human Resources Manager, a Finance and admin manager and other support staff.

The Khartoum office is responsible for the servicing of the field offices and provides them with overall representation at national level and logistical support. It also provides liaison between Practical Action, Federal government, donors and field offices.

Contact us

Postal address:
Practical Action Sudan
PO Box 4172, Khartoum 1114
Khartoum Central, Sudan

Street address
Practical Action Sudan
Building 46, street 55, Al Jazera Street
Khartoum 2, North of Badr Park

Telephone +249-183-460419 / 578821  / 578827
Fax +249-183-472002 

Darfur office +249-731-843596 | Kassalla office +249-411-822103 / 822699 | Blue Nile office+249-157845180


Practical Action, operating as Practical Action Sudan | Reg Charity No. Sudan 13787

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