Sri Lanka

Practical Action's strength is its experience of over 20 years in the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka. This has helped the organisation understand and be sensitive towards the diverse needs of the communities, understand better the country's socio-economic systems, and the roles of different stakeholders in the process of socio-economic development.

The organization focuses on technology as a tool in poverty reduction and development while having a holistic view on development including social and economic development. This has given a unique position to Practical Action among the development actors in the country.

We work with and support a broad spectrum of stakeholders including government policy and decision making bodies, civil society organizations, academic institutions and other research institutes.

In March 2014, management of Practical Action's programmes in Sri Lanka was transferred to our South Asia office.


A new charity, Janathakshan - meaning ‘people’s technology’ or ‘technology for people’ - has been created to continue the legacy of Practical Action in Sri Lanka.

Janathakshan will continue demonstrate viable technology based approaches to poverty reduction on the ground through innovative projects, generating knowledge to share, network and be a strong advocate at the national level and beyond.


Annual report

Practical Action South Asia annual report 2011-12

Annual report and financial statement for Practical Action's work in South Asia 2011-12, covering Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan.


Sustainable Livelihoods and Lagoons (SLL) head of project

Practical Action seeks to recruit a Head of Project to manage its Sustainable Livelihoods and Lagoons (SLL) project based in the Sri Lanka.

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