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A school based Science Fair in Bangladesh

Mohamamd Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Sr. Knowledge Officer (M&E), Practical Action, Bangladesh

With the experience of last two years the Science Fair 2015 increased its size. About 135 projects presented in the 3rd BFF-Scholastica-Samakal Science Fair 2015 organized by Kingbodondi Media at Scholastica School and College premises, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh during 27 and 28 February 2015. Here Practical Action, Bangladesh was knowledge partner to support smooth completion of the program. Due to strike the date rescheduled from 30-31 January 2015 to 27-28 February 2015. Though 24 schools from outside Dhaka city were invited to join but due to long time strike only a few schools presented their projects.
But within Dhaka city from 20 schools around 400 students participated in the program.
According to nature the variety of projects are really significant. Among those, control of road and river transport accident, waste management, desalinisation plant for safe drinking water, security system, clean city, air cooler, drone technology, robot as daily worker and electricity power from different sources are the major subjects. Use of LED lights, laser lights, magnet, and remote control system were very dominant at those stalls.
The prizes given in two categories namely senior and junior students group. Automatic goods and passenger controller, Magnet train, automatic thief catching device, solar powered desalinisation plant are prized in senior students group and air pressurised bottle, static electricity, lemon battery are in junior students group.
The chief guest of the Science Fair was media personality and agriculture development activist Shykh Seraj.
List of projects presented in the Science Fair 2015:
1. Solar Powered Desalinisation Plant
2. Making and Re-use Electricity
3. A Digitalized World
4. Advance Security System
5. Automatic Thief Catching Device and Comfortable Save House
6. Making Electricity From Transport
7. Free Electricity Inverter
8. Solar Power And Development of Electricity
9. The Amphibious Version of Drone
10.  Electricity Maker
11.  Power Saving Speedboat
12.  Helicopter
13.  An Ideal City From Road
14. Hydroponic Method
15. Using Two or More Pulleys Reduces the Amount of Effort Needed
16. Rainbow in a Glass
17. Solar System Accelerator Stairs
18.  Pen Lamp
19. Zero Energy Cool Chamber
21. Clapping Circuit
22. Pocket Charger Light
23. Train Detector With IR Sensor
24. Charger Without Electricity
25. Solar Boat
26. Motors With Fan and Light
27. Automatic Street Light
28. Electrolysis
29. How to Save People in a Bus From Petrol Bombs
30. Spy copter
31. Making Traffic Better
32. Oil Skimmer
33. Save Sundarban
34. Aero Dynamics
35. Forensic Science
36. Milk Plastic
37. Security System
38. Magnetic Trains
39. Space Farming
40. Wind Turbine
41. Earthquake Resist Building For Bangladesh
42. Energy Salt Water
43. Nuclear Power Plant
44. Portable Fire Alarm System
45. The Defensive Railway of Bangladesh
46. Solar City
47. Invisible Ink
48. The Robot
49. Spying Periscope
50. Simple DC Electric Motor
51. Security alert
52. Rapid Colour Changing Chemistry
53. Planetarium
54. Waste Management
55. The Floating Car
56. Solar City
57. Burglar Alarm For Banks
58. The Distinguishing Candle
59. Modern Technology
60. Self-Infinity energy by water
61. Air Rocket
62. Laser System Security
63. Static Electricity
64. Lemon Battery
65. Pollution Free
66. Burglar Alarm
67. Non- Electric Air Cooler
68. Mobile Oven
69. Flight (Aerodynamics and Aero foil)  
70. Volcano
71. Ice Cooler
72. Solar Bottle
73. Material and matter
74. Iss-International Space Station
75. Air Cooler
76. Magnetic Buzzing Bee
77. Volcano's Eruption
78. Spiral Galaxy
79. Simple Toy Motor
80. Hydro Robot
81. Mobile Phone Charging by Talking or Creating Sounds
82. Baby Diaper Alarm
83. Medicine bottle informed about taking medicine

Past events

Participatory Market Systems Development training 4-5 November 2012, SEEP Annual Conference, Washington DC

A two-day training programme to introduce practitioners to PMSD. This technical training is aimed at microenterprise development practitioners who wish to gain a greater understanding of Practical Action’s approach to inclusive market development.

1st International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference 1- 2 November 2012, Accra, Ghana
This Conference will be the first major international event focusing on off-grid renewables in developing countries with a special focus on Africa. With the objective of increasing the collaboration between public authorities and the private sector, the Conference’s participants will collectively address issues related to sustainable rural electrification.

Small is ... Festival 31 August - 2 September 2012, Warwickshire
The Small Is…Festival enables people to share, learn and be inspired by sustainable living, international development and appropriate technology. This year's theme is Power to the People. It provides a springboard from which to explore some of Practical Action’s upmost concerns – how to tackle energy poverty in the developing world and how we can provide sustainable energy access for all. 

Waterlines 30th Anniversary 7 November 2011, London
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of  Waterlines, we will be holding an event at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. There will be a panel discussion at 6pm followed by questions and light refreshments.

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 30 October - 1 November, Seattle, USA
The inaugural IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference will be focusing on technology for the benefit of humanity, providing an opportunity for technologists, representatives from NGOs, governments, academia and industry to share work, meet others involved in humanitarian technology, create new projects and meet with funders.

E F Schumacher centenary year September - October 2011
This is an exciting year for Practical Action.  Last August we began our celebrations to mark the centenary of the birth of Practical Action’s founder, E F Schumacher.  Working closely with his family, we are organising a whole series of events to introduce his ideas to a new generation and to discuss the relevance of his ideas to the economic and environmental crisis we find ourselves in today. More ...

2-4 September Small is Festival
12 September British Science Festival
16 September Oxford Alumni weekend
22-24 September Legacy of EF Schumacher conference, University of Antwerp
7-9 October Schumacher Circle centenary conference, Bristol
7-16 October Cheltenham Literature Festival

The Food Producers: How can they continue feeding the world? 27 September, London, UK
A conference looking at the real questions of how small-scale production can respond to the challenges of providing food in ways that eradicate hunger, improve equity and restore the environment, organised by the UK Food Group.

The Small is... Festival 2-4 September 2011, Warwickshire, UK
The Small is… Festival is a celebration and evolution of the ideas of Small is Beautiful, held in the beautiful grounds of the international development charity Practical Action, in the Warwickshire countryside.

Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 8-13 May 2011, Geneva
Practical Action and Duryog Nivaran are participating at the third session of the Global Platform 2011, including side events on Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and Building local capacity for risk governance and resilience.

The Gadget Show Live 13-17 April 2011, NEC, Birmingham, UK
The 2011 event was Practical Action’s very first appearance at the Gadget Show Live. As the lead charity for appropriate technology, we demonstrated the link between new and appropriate technologies.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP16 29 November - 10 December 2010, Cancun, Mexico
World leaders did not agree on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, whose first commitment period expires in 2012. There were successes when the historically large-emitting nations put a figure of the amount of funds needed for developing countries, but their failure to agree legally binding emission reduction target delays the essential peak and decline of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. All eyes are now on COP16 in Cancun, Mexico.

Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) high-level meeting 14-15 September 2010, Vienna, Austria
This will be the first meeting of the AEEP at this level since its launch in 2008, with energy ministers from several African countries, ministers from EU Member States, and Commissioners from the EU and AU. Briefing paper

A Garden Party to Make a Difference 8-19 September 2010, London
We’re delighted to be supporting A Garden Party to Make a Difference, part of HRH The Prince of Wales's Start initiative. This exciting event is a rare opportunity to visit the historic gardens of Clarence House, Lancaster House and Marlborough House in London to help celebrate and promote sustainable living.

The Summit at Start 8-13 September 2010, London
Running alongside the garden party, the IBM Summit at Start was a series of one day events running consecutively over nine days, bringing together around 120 business and public sector leaders, including Practical Action, with subject matter experts to discuss the issues and opportunities for working together to build a sustainable and smarter planet.

The Small is... Festival 4-5 September 2010, Warwickshire, UK
The Small is… Festival was a celebration and evolution of the ideas of EF Schumacher's Small is Beautiful, held at the start of September in the grounds of Practical Action's UK head office in the Warwickshire countryside.

Sustainable energy in action August 2010, Sri Lanka
Practical Action participated at the Vidulka exhibition organized by the Sri Lankan Sustainable Energy Authority and the Ministry of Power and Energy.

Community-Based Adaptation Workshop 12 July 2010, London
An opportunity for practitioners new to community-based adaptation to build their capacity, and for those with experience to share findings and discuss emerging issues in this vital area of work.

UN Climate Change Conference June 2010, Bonn, Germany
Practical Action was at the thirty-second session of the UNFCCC Convention subsidiary bodies in Bonn. Read updates from the conference in our blog.

UK Aware 16-17 April 2010, London
Practical Action was at UK Aware, the UK's largest green lifestyle show.

Fourth International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA) to Climate Change 21-27 February 2010, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
The conference aimed to share the latest developments in adaptation planning and practices, priority sectors and measures at different levels and disseminate knowledge among stakeholders and actors. Practical Action had five delegates at the conference, taking a leading role in proceedings. Daily updates on the blog »

Major events organised or attended by Practical Action. For older events, please see the events archive.

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