Practical Action's work in Bangladesh has evolved over time to meet the challenges of poverty, inequality and vulnerability. Deeply committed to helping the poor in Bangladesh, our work on appropriate technology as a means to improve poor peoples livelihoods has been flexible and responsive to local conditions and needs.

About us

Practical Action, through its programmes in Bangladesh, works primarily by:

  • developing, upgrading, demonstrating and putting into practice appropriate technology within communities using participatory approaches.
  • giving skills training and extending capacity building support to NGO/GO staff
  • sharing knowledge and disseminating information and research findings among key stakeholders
  • enabling producers and entrepreneurs information and skills for making access to market opportunities and linkages
  • promoting advocacy and influencing for policy change

The country programme is organized into three thematic aims, namely:


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Safer Cities - How Practical Action is bringing safe drinking water, free from Iron and Arsenic contamination, to slum communities in Bangladesh

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A Tale of Tradition, Technology & Tobacco

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Contact us

Please address enquiries to the Country Director or the Manager of the respective program to the following address.

Practical Action
House 12/B, Road 4
Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh

Tel: +880 (0) 2-8650439, 9675236, 9675243
Fax: 8802 9674340

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Please note that the address and telephone numbers changed at the end of 2008.
Regional & centre office addresses

Annual Report 2013, Practical Action, Bangladesh

Annual Report 2013, Practical Action, Bangladesh

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