Disaster Risk Reduction Policy

Implementing the Hyogo Framework

The UN World Conference on Disater Reduction (in Japan, 2005) culminated in the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), 'Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters'.

The HFA recognises three strategic goals:

  • the integration of DRR into sustainable development policies and planning
  • the development and strengthening of institutions, mechanisms and capacities to build resilience to hazards
  • the systematic incorporation of risk reduction approaches into implementation of emergency preparedness, response and recovery programmes

Practical Action is working with others towards the attainment of these internationally agreed goals. We do this through:

  1. Making sure DRR is mainstreamed
  2. Integrating climate change adaptation, DRR and Sustainable Livelihoods
  3. Working towards the incorporation of risk reduction into development planning and ensuring the poor have a voice in this process.


Influencing National, Regional and International Policy through our Networks

Practical Action has been recognised as an “Expert” Organisation on DRR by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) and is a member of the Global Network of NGOs for Disaster Risk Reduction. We are also members of Bond-DRR the British inter-agency network for DRR. Practical Action also participates at the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction.


In 1992 ITDG (now Practical Action) helped to set up LA RED, an alternative, open and independent network concerned with research, information, capacity building and education relating to the theme of risk and disaster management in Latin America .

Originally comprised of 16 people specialising in disasters, and representing 7 countries, the network has expanded to 32 people, based in 15 countries who work at different levels on the issue of risk and disaster prevention.

LA RED carries out research into disaster issues such as responses to earthquakes, national disaster preparedness systems, appropriate technologies and practices, historical information on disasters and the application of geographical information systems.

LA RED currently has a database that holds information for in excess of 30,000 disasters in 9 countries that can be accessed via, and downloaded from, the Internet.

Knowledge gained from research is also shared with other agencies through publications, seminars and conferences and LA RED have been developing agreements and working relationships with international (UNDP, WB, ECHO), regional (OAS, CEPREDENAC) and national organisations concerned with disaster prevention.

Duryog Nivaran

In 1994 a similar network Duryog Nivaran (literally meaning 'Disaster Mitigation' in Sanskrit) was established by ITDG (now Practical Action) for South Asia.

Its members include agencies and individuals that specialise in disaster management or working closely with communities at risk to develop methods of protecting them against risk.

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