Participatory Market Mapping (PMM) Workshops

Learning from practice: lessons on facilitating participatory market mapping workshops

Practical Action’s approach to Pro-Poor Market Development is called Participatory Market System Development. Through this approach, Practical Action’s project teams have been facilitating a process that allows marginalized farmers in low-income countries to gain access to more functional markets, to sell their products and increase their income (Practical Action, 2008). Currently, thousands of farmers are improving their lives by changing the markets in which they are involved.

Participatory Market Mapping (PMM) Workshops are at the core of participatory market system development. Using a visual representation of the market system – the Market Map – facilitators in the field use PMM workshops to bring public and private market actors together to address blockages and exploit opportunities through increased coordination and collaboration. However, for the PMM process to unleash the resources and creativity of public and private market actors, several conditions must be met. This paper gathers and analyses experiences, challenges, tips and insights from PMM workshops mainly in Nepal. Two case studies are described, one from the dairy subsector and one from the vegetable subsector in Nepal. Insights are drawn from these two cases relating to planning, implementing and following up on PMM workshops.

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