Participatory Approaches to Value Chain Development, USAID Briefing Paper

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Significant stakeholder involvement in a value chain development initiative increases the likelihood of success and sustainability. With broad participation, solutions to value chain constraints are generally more appropriate to the local setting, and when stakeholders understand and take ownership of the value chain development process they are more likely to remain actively engaged beyond the life of the project.

The value chain approach necessitates consideration of all actors in a market system—the private-sector firms in the value chain from input supply through to end market retailers, service providers, and public and private decision-makers in the enabling environment—and is there-fore intrinsically participatory to some degree. However, emerging best practice in value chain development recommend a greater level of participation: explicitly engaging key actors from different levels of the value chain throughout the project lifecycle and devolving to them a high level of goal setting, decision making and responsibility for action.

(The text above was extracted from the paper’s introduction)

The Markets and Livelihoods Programme is constantly exploring new ways of enhancing and maximizing participation throughout the project cycle. Alison Griffith, the Head of the International Programme contributed to this document commissioned by USAID.

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