Set within a Global context our science, design and technology,  and geography resources really engage pupils.  They  focus on a whole range of global issues including energy, climate change, food security and disaster risk reduction. 

These popular FREE resources for teachers include lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities, posters, challenges, images, videos, games and more.

Check out our popular STEM challenges if you are looking for a fun activity to deliver at you STEM or Science club...or how about as the focus of a collapsed curriculum day? 



People prioritise community infrastructure

Together with the Rapid Assessment Team of Practical Action, I recently visited Salyantar VDC of ...
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New Plastics STEM Challenge…launched at the Big Bang Fair

  When I met with a group of D&T and Science teachers in the UK last year to explore ...
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Flood-proof school ...flood-proof community

All around the UK are villages and towns with community centres, but just imagine how valued that...
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