Class activities

Activities to help students understand the effects of climate change on people in the developing world.

Participatory Market Systems Development (PMSD) Training

Practical Action Consulting are delivering a 2-day training to the PMSD process at the SEEP annual conference in Washington DC in November 2012

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'Do Some Good' on the go with Orange

Orange's mobile volunteering app 'Do Some Good', featuring Practical Action

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Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the cornerstone of most developing countries' economies. Unfortunately, agriculture alone is no longer able to provide a reliable livelihood for the growing populations in these countries. Alternative or additional income generating opportunities are needed to support th...

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Building back better

After the devastating tsunami in Sri Lanka in December 2004 Practical Action worked with the local community to rebuild even better than before

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Energy Access Video Competition

Practical Action recently launched a new project, funded by the European Commission, to raise awareness on the issue of energy access in Africa. Four out of five families in sub Saharan Africa liv...

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ENGAGE Engineering Frameworks

Origin of funding: DFID Regions: East Africa & Asia Value of Project: £83 000 Dates: 2007 -2009 Lead Office: PAC UK Description of the project ENGAGE is DFID’s engineering framework team, focusing on infrastructure works in key sectors such as water, ene...

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Fair Trade = a better world

Promoting Fair Trade production in the Amazonian forests of Peru brings a better income for farmers and protects the fragile eco-system

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Fireless cooker

The "fireless cooker" uses stored heat to cook food over a long period of time. A simple basket, insulated with banana leaves or old clothes, can reduce fuel use by 40%.

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Free energy

This Concept Cartoon help pupils explore different energy sources and question whether energy is ever free.

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Google Climate Map Highlights Impact of 4C Temperature Rise

Google has this week released an interactive tool layering climate data over Google Earth maps to illustrate the specific impacts a temperature rise of 4C would have on the planet.

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Gravity Ropeways Feasibility Study in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh (FAO)

A description and report for Practical Action Consulting's Gravity Ropeways Feasibility Study in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

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A series of images of homes in developing countries showing the use of different sustainable materials including brick, stone, grass, bamboo, wood

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