Food Chain

The international journal of small-scale food processing, 1990-2003

Food Chain - Practical Action's agroprocessing journal The journal Food Chain contained practical information on every aspect of small-scale food processing from ideas, method and appropriate technologies through to marketing and economics. It was targeted at field workers from development organisations, individuals and small groups involved in food processing for income generation.

The new journal, 2011

Practical Action Publishing produced the magazine Food Chain from 1990 to 2003. In 2011 Practical Action Publishing launched a new international peer-reviewed journal, also called Food Chain, for sharing information among researchers, practitioners and policy-makers.

The new Food Chain is an international journal for all those involved in developing the supply of high-quality foods from the 'farm gate to the plate' and those who use food processing to alleviate poverty and hunger. By bridging the gap between research and practice, we encourage papers written by researchers for the benefit of people who put ideas into practice in the field, and those written by practitioners to inform the need for further research. The content will cover all aspects of promoting food chains, from on-farm processing and post-harvest storage, to the operation of small food processing businesses, supply of food processing or analytical equipment, hygiene and quality assurance, marketing, distribution, finance and the place of small-scale processing in the wider business environment.

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Back issues of the original journal

Most editions of the original journal, from 1995 to 2003, are available online, below.

An online index of the first 31 issues is available, and can also be downloaded as a PDF file. Download Food Chain index ~110K or read as web page

A study into the impact of Food Chain has been carried out, assessing how the journal increases the use of appropriate and quality information on small-scale agro-processing and improves the livelihoods of marginalised and vulnerable people in the South through increased incomes and employment and improved food security, empowerment and nutrition. Download Food Chain Impact Assessment ~741K or read as web page

Food Chain 32 July 2003

  • Production of Biltong
  • The chocolate shop that helps to stop world hunger (ChocAid)
  • Sustainable support for food processing SMEs in Africa
  • Business support services for small and medium scale entrepreneurs - the Rural Enterprise Network (REN)
  • Shelf life of foods
  • Book Lines: Agricultural Marketing in Developing Countries; Appropriate Food Packaging
  • Sustainable production of organic goat milk in Peru
  • Local processing: the necessary complement to local farming
  • Combining institutional and technical innovations to change post-harvest systems in India
  • e-Guide and Resource Pack - breaking into mainstream food markets in the UK
  • The future of Food Chain

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Food Chain 31 November 2002

  • Greetings
  • Fairly traded dried mango
  • Practical aspects of processing dried mango
  • More on marketing research - getting and staying ahead
  • Improvements to a grain puffing machine
  • Food Chain Features
  • Designing a sustainable food processing project: ITDGPractical Action's experience in the Peruvian Amazon
  • The Hohenheim solar tunnel dryer - 20 years of success
  • The modernisation of small business through the EcoStove in Nicaragua
  • Book Lines

Download Food Chain 31 ~412K

Food Chain 30 June 2002

  • Greetings
  • Small-scale peanut butter processing in Tanzania -
    The experience of women processors
  • Improving some traditional Malaysian fish products
  • Starting with the Market - The importance of marketing research
  • No more fingertip shelling - The TEK groundnut cracker to the rescue
  • Book Lines
  • Brewing is women's business
  • The preparation of pectin from tamarind kernel powder

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Food Chain 29 November 2001

Download Food Chain 29 (whole issue) ~347K

Articles from issue 29 are also available as separate PDF files. Click here for abstracts.

Food Chain 28

  • Global agricultural practices for successful cashew development.
  • Harvesting/processing cashews.
  • Cashew sub-sector intervention strategy.
  • Strategies for addressing constraints in micro-scale cashew processing.

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Food Chain 27

  • Small-scale production of ready to drink pineapple juice.
  • Processing of wild bael fruit for rural employment and income generation.
  • Low cost mud solar dryer.
  • Honey as an antibiotic.
  • Natural colouring of food using insect pigments.
  • Barefoot caterers in Sri Lanka.
  • Decentralised food processing - fruit ice cream in Peru.

download Food Chain 27 ~368k

Food Chain 26

  • Some kind of nut - you can make snacks, cosmetics and cooking oil out of inchi.
  • Production of melcocha and queso de tuna from cactus pear in the centre of Mexico.
  • A new device to prevent the contamination, loss and wastage of fruits and vegetables.
  • Amirtham - a low cost, ready to eat nutritious food.
  • Chepangs and chiuri - the use of non-timber forest products in Nepal.
  • Using tree species to treat milk for palatability and preservation.
  • The processing and sustainable management of Amazonian medicinal plants.
  • Medicinal plants help combat climate change.

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Food Chain 25

  • Solar drying of fruits and vegetables in Armenia.
  • Women mean business in Sudan.
  • Promoting and protecting traditional food products.
  • Ireland's traditional foods.
  • Mumu - a traditional method of cooking food in Papua New Guinea.
  • New use for panela.
  • Old skills, new opportunities: small-scale food processing in Russia.

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Food Chain 24

  • Empowering small-scale cashew processor in Sri Lanka.
  • Cassava doughnuts.
  • Essential oil distillation.
  • Citronella - the plant of a thousand properties.
  • Essential oil distillation in Ecuador.
  • Training in food processing - a sustainable approach in India.
  • Small-scale production of spirulina.
  • The manufacture of yoghurt and cottage cheese.

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Food Chain 23

  • Cultivation of the oyster mushroom in traditional brick pots.
  • Training to process fruit.
  • Small scale manufacture of shrimp crackers.
  • Small-scale processing of cocoa.
  • The happy bread and biscuit factory.
  • Opportunities for fermented food products in developing countries.
  • Improving madila - a traditional fermented milk in Botswana.
  • Gundruk - a traditional Nepalese fermented food.

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Food Chain 22

  • Utilisation of tomato processing by-products
  • Shea butter processing - some problems and possible solutions
  • Weaning foods
  • Candy production
  • The sweet smell of success
  • Making peanut bars

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Food Chain 21

  • Fruit factory in the forest
  • Adding value to bananas
  • Mango ripening
  • Success in business - advice from a successful businessman
  • Peanut sheller
  • Appropriate palm kernel shell separator
  • Impulse heat sealer
  • Hand operated cashew cracker
  • Manual for the detection of mycotoxins
  • Containerised dairies
  • Artisanal production of maltose from cassava starch
  • Divergent roller fruit sorter

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Issues 18-20 are currently unavailable in electronic format. 

Food Chain 17

  • About aflatoxin
  • The Pearson Square - common calculations simplified
  • A simple form-fill seal packaging machine
  • Production of a natural food colorant from turmeric
  • Wadian - a fermented Indian food
  • Open pan sulphitation sugar processing
  • Ways to use sweet potato

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Food Chain 16

  • Decentralised oil processing in Zimbabwe (leader and article)
  • Preparing fresh fruit-cutting transport costs
  • Slatted wooden crates - transporting mango
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Processing for people and profit

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Food Chain 15

  • Peanut stripper and sheller
  • Gluten measurement - QC article
  • Herbs that cure
  • Yeasts, mould and bacteria
  • Indigenous fermented cereal snacks in Kenya
  • A mouldy old business spawns some money

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Food Chain 14

  • Quality of honey for export
  • Safety of street foods in Calcutta
  • Improving standards of hygiene
  • Biotechnology

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Issues 1-13 are currently unavailable in electronic format. 

An online index of the first 31 issues is available, and can also be downloaded as a PDF file

Food Chain was published by Practical Action, The Schumacher Centre, Bourton-on-Dunsmore, Rugby, UK, CV23 9BR

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