What: OrangeAid is Practical Action's Fundraising Day when everyone dresses in orange and does orangey things!  Literally change your clothes and change a life.

When: Whenever you like!

Where: At school, work, church or group

Cost: We suggest that everyone who takes part donates £1

Take part in OrangeAid and support Practical Action, who are helping poor people in the developing world to get themselves out of poverty.

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Getting Organised

OrangeAid Fundraising Pack

A Fundraising pack to help organise an OrangeAid event for Practical Action

OrangeAid Checklist

Handy Checklist for organising an OrangeAid event for Practical Action

Promoting your event

OrangeAid Poster - blank

OrangeAid Poster to advertise the event

Sample OrangeAid press template

Press template about OrangeAid

Information & Activities for Schools

OrangeAid KS1 & 2 Powerpoint Presentation

Use this presentation in class or assembly to introduce OrangeAid to KS1&2 children

OrangeAid KS 3&4 Powerpoint Presentation

Use this presentation in an Assembly to introduce OrangeAid to KS3&4 children

Friendship bracelet activity

Make your own friendship bracelet from old plastic bags.

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STEM challenges and awards

A range of different STEM challenges that can be both incorporated into your lessons or be used as the basis for an off-timetable day.

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After the Event

OrangeAid Donation Form

Form to send in with OrangeAid donations

OrangeAid Certificate

Example certificate for OrangeAid

Why should I do it?

There are so many reasons why you should – not just because it’s great fun, but you will be making a difference to real people’s lives.

People like 8 year old Dilmaya who was working on rubbish tips with her parents instead of going to school before Practical Action started working with her.  Working in unspeakable conditions surrounded by flies and foul smelling waste; there are huge risks to their health such as injury and disease...


Dilmaya's Story

Waste Picker Case Study - Read Dilmaya's full story on this useful story card

And people like Sunil and Syeed, brothers aged 13 and 15 who are unable to attend school and each day they walk long distances collecting any rubbish that they can trade to give them even a minimal income.  they were considered the lowest of the low in society...


Syeed and Sunil's Story

Waste Picker Case Study - Read Syeed and Sunil's story on this useful storycard

How do I get involved?

If you're interested in taking part in OrangeAid, please let us know by filling in your name and email address below, or email us at This doesn't commit you to anything at this stage!

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Come on, change your clothes and change a life!

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