Access for opportunities

Country:  Nepal
Date: February 2007 - February 2012
Project manager: Jun Hada

In Nepal many poor people are unable to access education, health care and safe drinking water. Improving transport has been identified as essential not only for accessing these services but also to increase economic growth, particularly through agriculture production, in which about 80% of the population is involved.  This project in the Achham, Gorkha, Kalikot and Tanahun districts, aims to increase the incomes and reduce the marginalisation of 24 village communities of disadvantaged low-caste poor people, some of whom have been displaced or affected by conflict.

Project activities will include:

  • Improving transport services, installation of gravity ropeways and tuins, to enhance  mobility and access to services such as health, education and water and to increase interaction with external communities and markets
  • Increasing income generation activities through improved production, processing and marketing of farm products
  • Strengthening the capacity of locally community based institutions to select, manage, operate and lobby for pro-poor transport services and policies

The gravity ropeways and tuins will be managed by local user committees, with user fees collected, which will pay for the operators wages, monthly maintenance costs and also provide a return on the investment. Community ownership and management of transport services will ensure that the systems are properly maintained and valued in the long-term.


Co-funding: European Union (59.56 %) State of Jersey and DGIS and Jose Foundation(40.44%)

This project forms part of Practical Action Nepal's Increasing Rural Productivity programme

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