Ten Rules for Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Brick Firing

Rules for brickmakers and field-workers to increasing the efficiency of the brick-firing process.
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By Otto Ruskulis et al., Published by Practical Action on 02/02/09


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    udayon bhattacharya said:

    I want to make a VSBK Brick firing kiln in chakaria, Coxsbazar. I need detail. Please help me make this kiln. Please Send me lay-out plan and estimate etc.
    on 16/11/11
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    Gopan G Pillai said:

    can i make a VSBK ,using wood as fuel
    on 27/11/11
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      Neil said:

      neilnoble said:

      You can use wood as a fuel but the cost could be higher than some other fules such as crop waste.

      The casae study Small and Medium Scale Brick and Tile Production in Ghana compares fuelwood with palm kernal shells. The fuel cost per brick using fuelwood was 1.56 US cents compared with 0.9 US cents using palm kenal shells.

      A pilot kiln was constructed by the Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI) of the University of Khartoum in cooperation with GTZ. The fuel used was carbonized agricultural waste from cotton stalks, sunflower stalks or bagasse. The carbonized fuel, reduced to a granular size, was dispersed between the interspatial gaps amongst the green bricks during the loading of the shaft from the top.

      on 13/1/12
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    Liaquot Hossain said:

    At Clean Energy Alternatives in Bangladesh, we have a design for HSBK which is much more efficient than VSBK. Simply it is a mini Tunnel Kiln and one single shaft can sinter 23000 bricks per day. For details please contact us at Clean Energy Alternatives, House # 61, Road # 1/A, Block-J, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Tel:988 2022 ;my e-mail: liaquothossain@yahoo.com my mobile: 01913381828.
    on 12/7/14

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