Banana Beer

Banana beer is made from bananas, mixed with a cereal flour (often sorghum flour) and fermented to make an alcoholic beverage.
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By Sue Azam Ali, Published by Practical Action on 03/02/08


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    leigh said:

    ...any suggestion for producing this beer industrially?
    on 21/11/11
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    cherryl said:

    what is the health benefits of drinking banana beer?need response..thanks
    on 15/1/12
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    Loren said:

    Probably very similar to the health benefits of drinking any beer......... Temporary happiness. I like it anyway.
    on 14/2/12
  • Reply Godfrey said:
    Could anyone please recommend a processing machinery supplier for banana beer and juice? thanks, Godfrey Mbabazi. Email : Phone: 00256773432871 Kampala/Uganda.
    on 12/3/12

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