Goal 3: Urban Services: Water, Sanitation and Waste Management Services

Urban Services: Water, Sanitation and Waste Management

We aim to ensure that poor urban dwellers live in a healthier and wealthier urban environment. We believe that this will also reduce women’s workload and enhance their safety. We are targeting urban poor and vulnerable groups, women and children, HIV/AIDS groups, the disabled, elderly and unemployed urban youth.

We will also support capital poor Small and Micro Enterprises that focus in water, sanitation and waste service sub-sectors. We will improve living conditions of urban poor residents through increased access to basic services such as adequate water and sanitation facilities, functional storm water, effluent drainage and solid waste management.

We will conduct feasibility studies and replicate our models to expand the geographical coverage of our work in order:

  • To scale up proven and tested community friendly technologies in safe WASH, Waste management and drainage services;
  • To establish and support the growth of Waste and WATSAN MSEs enterprises in informal urban settlements with access to technology and business opportunities
  • To contribute towards formulation and implementation of pro-poor policies in WATSAN and waste sectors at county and national levels by 2017 in the target region of Eastern Africa.
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