Poor people are often excluded from essential services such as water, sanitation, energy, education and health – as well as lacking adequate shelter.

Locally-managed, sustainable and decentralised services offer low-income communities the best hope of satisfying their need for affordable water, sanitation, housing and energy.

Our solutions

Technologies and approaches

Practical Action work with the following technologies and approaches to supply infrastructure services:

Access to infrastructure services blogs

What technologies are essential? Well, that all depends on the person.

Nestled in the shadows of the Alps, I joined 400 people at EPFL in Lausanne last week to talk tec...
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Loos, murder, rape - the status of women in our societies

Listening to the news this morning I realised that the two young girls in India, aged 14 and 16, ...
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Innocent until proven guilty

To a large extent, many of us rumble through life with little thought to the what if’s of ...
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