Climate Change and Gender Justice

ISBN 978-185339-693-9

Edited by Geraldine Terry with Caroline Sweetman

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Climate change is often framed as a problem that needs mainly technical and economic solutions. This can make it hard to find an entry point to introduce gender-equality issues into the debates. Climate Change and Gender Justice considers how gender issues are entwined with people's vulnerability to the effects of climate change, and how gender identities and roles may affect women's and men's perceptions of the changes.

The vivid case studies in this book show how women and men in developing countries are experiencing climate change and describe their efforts to adapt their ways of making a living to ensure survival, often against extraordinary odds.

Contributors also examine how gender-equality concerns should be integrated into international negotiations and agreements on climate change mitigation and adaptation to ensure that, at the very least, new policies do not disadvantage poor women, but rather deliver them some benefits. 'No climate justice without gender justice'; the rallying call by lobbyists at the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference in Bali continues to resonate as international negotiations on how to tackle and adapt to climate change become more urgent.

About the editor

Geraldine Terry is researching gendered responses to climate impact in Uganda. She is based at the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia and is affiliated to the Tyndall Centre for Research on Climate Change and the Makerere Institute of Social Research, Kampala. She is the author of Women's Rights, published by Pluto Press.

Table of contents

Geraldine Terry

Gender and climate hazards in Bangladesh
Terry Cannon

Reducing risk and vulnerability to climate change in India: the capabilities approach
Marlene Roy and Henry David Venema

Gendering responses to El Nino in rural Peru
Rosa Rivero Reyes

Engendering adaptation to climate variability in Gujarat, India
Sara Ahmed and Elizabeth Fajber

Resilience, power, culture, and climate: a case study from semi-arid Tanzania
Valerie Nelson and Tanya Stathers

Gender, water, and climate change in Sonora, Mexico: implications for policies and programmes on agricultural income-generation
Stephanie Buechler

Building gendered approaches to adaptation in the Pacific
Ruth Lane and Rebecca McNaught

The Noel Kempff project in Bolivia: gender, power, and decision-making in climate mitigation
Emily Boyd

Climate change and sustainable technology: re-linking poverty, gender, and governance
Sam Wong

The bio-fuel frenzy: what options for rural women?
Nidhi Tandon

Women's rights and climate change: using video as a tool for empowerment in Nepal
Marion Khamis, Tamara Plush, and Carmen Sepulveda Zelaya

Engendering the climate-change negotiations
Minu Hemmati and Ulrike Rohr

Geraldine Terry

Liz Cooke, Geraldine Terry and Sally King

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