Beyond Relief

Food Security in Protracted Crises

ISBN 978-185339-660-1

Edited by Luca Alinovi, Günter Hemrich and Luca Russo

Published in association with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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In many countries, prolonged confl icts result in food emergencies that recur over years or even decades. Initial humanitarian relief efforts are rarely replaced by programmes that offer a longer-term perspective on food security. This book provides examples of opportunities to bridge the gap between emergency relief and longer term developmental approaches, which can help us rethink how to support food security in protracted crises.

Somalia, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo have all been affected by severe protracted crises. For the first time, evidence and in-depth analysis from these countries sheds light on how to support the livelihoods of local populations. Using concrete examples, Beyond Relief demonstrates how food security means different things in different contexts while also advocating a crosscutting learning process for longer-term approaches to protracted crisis.

This collection is essential reading for donors, policymakers, NGO workers and researchers working on food security.

Published in association with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


"A must-read book for humanitarian and development professionals working in protracted crisis settings. This book marries sound analysis of the context and drivers of food insecurity in protracted crisis settings with useful case studies from the most important problem areas in Africa."
Dr Nancy Mock, Associate Professor, and Head of the Interdepartmental Program in Complex Emergency and Disaster Studies at Tulane University, USA.

"This book's combination of political realism and scientific rigor is a welcome change and is no more than the citizens caught up in protracted crises deserve."
Dr Peter Walker, Irwin H. Rosenberg Professor of Nutrition and Human Security, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, USA.

"This book has a lot to offer and key achievements and challenges are clearly and consistently articulated."
Professor Johan Pottier, SOAS Food Studies Centre, London University.

"This book provides a nuanced understanding and a framework for systematic analysis of food security and vulnerability of households exposed to protracted violent conflict."
Luka Biong Deng, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Government of Southern Sudan, Juba

About the editors

Luca Alinovi is a Senior Agricultural Economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Programme Manager of the EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme.

Günter Hemrich has worked as a Food Systems Economist with FAO, focusing on food security issues in crisis situations. He is currently Programme Coordinator for FAO's Economic and Social Development Department.

Luca Russo is an Agricultural Economist with over twenty of experience in agricultural development and food security issues. He currently works as a Food Security Analyst in the EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme.

Table of contents


1 Food security in protracted crisis situations: Issues and challenges

PART I: Case Studies from Sudan
2 Crisis and food security profile: Sudan
3 Responding to protracted crises: The principled model of NMPACT in Sudan
4 Policies, practice and participation in protracted crises: The case of livestock interventions in southern Sudan

PART II: Case Studies from Somalia
5 Crisis and food security profile: Somalia
6 Livelihoods, assets and food security in a protracted political crisis: The case of the Jubba Region, southern Somalia
7 Livestock and livelihoods in protracted crisis: The case of southern Somalia

PART III: Case Studies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo
8 Crisis and food security profile: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
9 Conflict and food security in Beni-Lubero: Back to the future?
10 Land tenure, conflict and household strategies in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

PART IV: Conclusions
11 Beyond the blueprint: Implications for food security analysis and policy responses




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