Google Climate Map Highlights Impact of 4C Temperature Rise

Google has this week released an interactive tool layering climate data over Google Earth maps to illustrate the specific impacts a temperature rise of 4C would have on the planet.

The map is populated with temperature data from the met office and other climate research centres which has been imposed onto a Google earth layer, which allows users to select different climate ‘impacts’ to view from sea level rises to temperature rises.

A temperature rise of 4C would be devastating for millions of people in developing countries who are already suffering the effects of climate change.

Development charity Practical Action works with poor communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa helping people that are facing the realities of climate change on a daily basis to adapt to them and get on with their lives.

Find out more about Practical Action’s work on climate change adaptation, from building gardens that float on flood water in Bangladesh to digging shallow wells in times of drought in Kenya.

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