Gisele Bündchen visits Practical Action's energy access projects in Kenya

In January 2012, the ‘World’s Greenest Celebrity’, Gisele Bündchen travelled to Kenya and experienced, first-hand, the reality of energy poverty, as part of the Energy for All 2030 project. This visit was organised by Practical Action, official communications partner for the 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, in partnership with UNEP and the United Nations Foundation.

The visit had a particular focus on the ways in which African women and girls are transforming their lives and livelihoods through access to sustainable energy. Gisele had the opportunity to witness Practical Action’s work on small-scale energy solutions ranging from micro-hydro and wind to bio-gas and fuel-efficient stoves.

Designed to focus on both ‘need’ and ‘solutions’, the visit aimed to arm Gisele with the power to speak passionately and persuasively with regards to elevating the position of energy access for development encouraging decision makers to take ‘practical action’. 

See below for a video of Gisele's first day in Kenya with Practical Action. Gisele visited an informal settlement in Kibera where less than 20% of its residents have access to electricity. Here, she witnessed the innovative ways in which Practical Action are helping communities gain access to a reliable source of energy by using waste as a resource.

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