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We recognise the advantages of businesses and charities working together. For the last 40 years, Practical Action has worked with poor people, developing technologies, sharing skills and knowledge and providing hope for a world free of poverty and injustice. By working with us, you can be a part of this inspirational and effective approach, which will help to engage your employees and customers.

Partner with Practical Action

Corporate partnerships

Corporate Partnerships are a great way of boosting your organisation's commitment to charitable causes, as well as providing an opportunity to engage employees in events and activities.

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Corporate social responsibility

Climate change is a reality and its effects are being felt now. Companies who partner with us today will be making a statement to commit to a positive change for tomorrow.

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Employee Fundraising

Corporate partnerships do not have to stop at directors and top management. Supporting a charity through employee fundraising has excellent benefits for both companies and their staff and can help raise some invaluable funds for Practical Action.  Employee fundraising gives an opportunity...

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How your money can help

By supporting Practical Action, you will join us in our commitment to poverty reduction. Here are some examples from the people we work with, which highlight how our work brings hope and longevity ...

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Take part in OrangeAid for Practical Action. You'll brighten up your day and brighten up someone else's life.

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Payroll giving

Payroll Giving provides Practical Action with a sustainable flow of funding, and ensures that we can continue our vital work across the developing world, to alleviate poverty through the developmen...

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