Drought in Kenya

Drought in East Africa: one year on

It has been 12 months since Northern Kenya, and Mandera County in particular, saw one of the worst droughts in 60 years.

Thanks to your support, Practical Action was able to help thousands of poor people cope with the drought.

The money you donated provided communities with water, and food and healthcare supplies for their livestock which they depend on to survive, as well as helping them prepare for future disasters.

Your support is still needed. 

However, despite the progress, Practical Action still needs your help more than ever to make sure the region doesn't slip back into crisis as the dry season sets in.

"While the initial emergency may have passed, rains in April-June were below optimal levels and should the short rains expected in October-November fail, then there will be trouble. Droughts are cyclical – they will return to the region. During every drought nearly 80% of Mandera’s population slide into an emergency situation –  losing livestock which lead to hunger, malnutrition and even death. That is why we need your help to  stop the situation spiralling out of control and get the region back on its feet.” Abdul Haro, area co-ordinator, Somali cluster.

You can read more on Abdul's latest blog.

Please help us to continue to support these vulnerable people in Kenya.

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