Calling all students!

...find out more about Jamie's Kilimanjaro experience and how you can be a part of it

What an incredible trip, but no mean feat! 6 days of trekking through 5 eco-systems, battling fatigue and altitude sickness, but worth every ache, pain, blister and emotion to reach the summit of the world’s largest free standing mountain. Words cannot describe the range of emotions felt when you take those first few steps onto the roof of Africa and the views are breath taking; watching the sunrise above the clouds and seeing the curvature of the earth is an experience never to be forgotten.

But it takes some determination, sweat and a few tears to get there! Each day offers a different challenge: negotiating different terrain; you’ll find yourself trekking through rainforest one day then scrambling up a rock face the next. Acclimatising to the temperature; day one starts at a balmy 25 degrees, but on summit day you could find yourself battling with temperatures of up to minus 25!

This is no challenge for the faint hearted...

...this takes someone with grit and guts! Think you're that person and a student? Or do you know a student with such attributes?! Then find out more about these incredible student adventures by emailing  Jamie Oliver

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